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Design + Research + Strategy

As a creative problem solver, I thrive at heart of where design, technology, and business meet real human needs. My professional trajectory has propelled me through the vibrant ecosystems of startups to Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Omada Health, and Trane Technologies. This journey has sharpened my skills in tuning into what people truly need, building high-caliber teams, and crafting innovative solutions that truly resonate.

With a designer's eye and a researcher's curiosity, I champion human-centered design — turning both qualitative and quantitative data into evidence-based decisions that drive business success. My mission is to foster innovative products and enterprises by delving into the core needs of people.

Hey, I'm Kenzie

Clients Included: Microsoft, Omada Health, Johnson & Johnson, 3MotionAI, Firmspace, and OJO 


  • Tripled account portfolio in just over 2 years, delivering outstanding results for diverse clients.

  • Led creative teams, ensuring effective execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns.

  • Oversaw budgets of  $5 million+ and implemented operational and project management systems.

  • Partnered with the creative team to drive strategy, creative direction, and quality assurance.

  • Managed relationships with clients, vendors, and internal teams, ensuring client satisfaction.

Good.Brand. — Strategy Lead & Account Executive

2020 - 2022

  • Promoted from individual contributor (Snr. UX Researcher)  to manager, leading a team of 8 UX Researchers & Designers.

  • Executed UX strategies for the API product group, prioritizing organic, product-led growth.

  • Managed full product lifecycles, from concept to launch, demonstrating end-to-end project management.

  • Prioritized tasks and optimized processes for maximum efficiency.

  • Collaborated across disciplines to deeply understand and solve customer problems.

SmartBear — UX Manager & Strategist



  • Led a rapid research program with bi-weekly sessions, shaping the go-to-market strategy.

  • Conducted 240+ hours of qualitative research, fixing usability errors before Brightcove Campaign & Beacon launches.

  • Key role in launching Brightcove Beacon, simplifying OTT streaming for non-technical users.

Brightcove — Product Designer


  • Contributed to the development of IoT products, leveraging mobile and smart technology to enhance energy efficiency and user experience.

  • Conducted user research and designed a mobile energy savings feature connected to smart thermostats.

Trane Technologies — UX Designer


  • Worked on a number of concurrent projects focused around concept generation and advertisement for upcoming exhibits.

  • Prepared design visuals and generally helped the design team with the design and presentation of various projects including signage and digital assets.

Seattle Art Museum — Visual Designer


Seattle Pacific University

B.A. Design & Visual



IBM Enterprise Design-Thinking

Irrational Labs Behavioral

Design for Health

IDEO U: Human-Centered

Design & Innovation


Human-Centered Design: Proficient in crafting solutions that meet user needs and drive business value through employing human-centered design methodologies.

Strategic Thinking & Creative Problem Solving: Exceptional ability in identifying opportunities for innovation and solving complex problems creatively.

Research & Data Analysis: Adept at conducting, analyzing, and leveraging both qualitative and quantitative research to inform evidence-based decision-making.

Project Management & Team Leadership: Skilled in managing projects from conception to delivery, and leading high-performing teams in a collaborative environment.

Product Design: Proficient in creating intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces, enhancing user experience and product functionality.


Design: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Miro, Invision

Research: SurveyMonkey, UserZoom, Optimal Workshop, Dovetail, Maze

Product: Pendo, Mixpanel, ProductBoard, Confluence

Project Management: Jira, Trello,, Asana, Notion


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