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Kenzie Barden

Design  + Research + Strategy

SmartBear: API Testing in the Cloud

Embarked on a journey to drive organic, product-led growth by developing a cloud testing product at SmartBear. Leading the research and strategy for this new initiative, the focus was to clear the fog surrounding customer understanding and product alignment, aiming for a successful launch.


UX Manager + Strategist

Initial stakeholder interviews revealed a murky understanding of the customer and our product. The challenge was to navigate through these unclear waters and find a path that aligns with both user needs and business goals.

The Challenge

Engaged in extensive user research, gathering insights from developers and testers, analyzing sales data, and conducting competitive analysis. This research was instrumental in identifying user-centered opportunities, which formed the bedrock for our prototyping and testing phases.

The Solution

Conducted a series of user interviews and surveys to gather valuable insights. Created a repository in Dovetail to ensure easy access to these insights for the team, providing a solid foundation for making informed decisions.

User Insight Gathering

Executed two 5-day design sprints, where ideas were iteratively developed, tested, and refined. Feedback from users was crucial in this phase, helping to fine-tune the storyboard and low-fidelity prototypes, inching closer to a viable solution.

Design Sprint Journey

The diligent application of design thinking led to the successful design and validation of a cloud testing product. This project not only promises a robust solution for the market but also marks a significant step for SmartBear, showcasing the potential of design thinking in driving product-led growth, with sights set on a promising 2024 product release.

Innovation Realized