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Kenzie Barden

Design  + Research + Strategy

Omada B2B Demand Generation

At the helm of Omada's account at Good.Brand., the mission was not just about revenue multiplication, but about forging meaningful B2B connections. Over two years, the focus sharpened on constructing a robust digital engagement strategy to reach benefits leaders, addressing their dual concern of nurturing employee health while ensuring a sound ROI. The journey unraveled an expanse of creative and strategic avenues, each leading towards establishing Omada as a resonant voice in the B2B healthcare domain.


Strategy Lead

In the B2B healthcare cosmos, the dialog often treads a fine line between empathetic care provision and financial pragmatism. The challenge was to weave a narrative that resonates with benefits providers' intrinsic aspiration to offer care while showcasing the tangible ROI Omada's program delivers. This dual narrative required a nuanced understanding of the ICP and an articulate translation of this understanding into a coherent and engaging campaign strategy.

The Challenge

A multi-dimensional digital marketing strategy was envisioned, aimed at crafting a narrative that dialogues with the pragmatic and empathic dimensions of the ICP. This strategy encompassed a blend of digital assets, email campaigns, and informative resources, each designed to unfold a facet of Omada’s holistic approach towards employee health and organizational ROI.

The Solution

The cornerstone was a deep-dive into customer research to unravel the core concerns of benefits providers. The findings illuminated the path, shaping campaigns that mirrored the dual concern of employee care and ROI. Each digital asset, from email drip campaigns to white papers and infographics, was meticulously crafted to reflect this duality, creating a narrative that resonates, educates, and engages.

Crafting a Dual-Narrative Digital Strategy

The “Mindset” conference emerged as a unique narrative platform, fostering interactive dialogues between healthcare providers. This wasn’t merely an event; it was a confluence of pragmatic and empathic dialogues, articulating the long-term merits of Omada’s program in a narrative that was visually engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Mindset Conference

The visual narrative played a pivotal role in reinforcing the campaign’s message. A modern, minimal, and uplifting visual tone was adopted, with each design element carefully chosen to guide the viewer's journey through the narrative. The sparing use of Omada orange guided the eye, while relatable imagery created a connection, making the narrative accessible, engaging, and resonant with the audience. Through this visual narrative, the campaign transcended mere information dissemination, evolving into a compelling story of Omada’s holistic approach towards fostering a healthier and financially sound organizational ecosystem.

Visual Narrative: Weaving Omada’s Story