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Kenzie Barden

Design  + Research + Strategy

Brightcove Beacon

Confronting navigation and consistency challenges across Brightcove's suite, a thorough user research initiative was undertaken. The insights garnered steered a unified redesign, particularly spotlighting Beacon's user-centric overhaul. This endeavor simplified multi-device streaming app launches, bolstering Beacon's standing in the competitive OTT market and significantly enhancing user engagement and satisfaction across the suite.


Product Design + Research

Brightcove, a leader in online video publishing, faced challenges with its user interface, affecting a wide array of users from media companies to video marketing professionals. The navigation was cumbersome, and there was a lack of consistency across products, which needed addressing to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

The Challenge

Initiating a deep-dive into the users' needs through an international ethnographic study and in-depth interviews, we aimed to understand and address the core challenges. This research informed our strategy, paving the way for a unified vision across Brightcove’s suite of products - Beacon, CorpTV, and Marketing Studio, aiming to improve the overall user experience.

The Solution

Our research provided a closer look into the users' interactions and needs. The insights gained were crucial in developing a storyboard for Brightcove Beacon, facilitating internal alignment and setting the stage for the design phase.

User Research

Armed with a storyboard and user insights, we transitioned into creating low-fidelity prototypes for user testing. This iterative process, backed by regular feedback from customer partners, led to the development of a scalable design system to ensure consistency across products.

Design Process

Focusing on Beacon, we aimed to simplify the process of launching high-quality streaming apps across multiple devices. This initiative showcased the impact of user-centric design, positioning Beacon as a user-friendly platform in the competitive Over-The-Top (OTT) market, and exemplifying the transformation brought about through meticulous user research and design.

Beacon's Evolution