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Kenzie Barden

Design  + Research + Strategy

Omada's B2C Membership Growth

Navigating the B2C growth avenue for Omada at Good.Brand. entailed crafting engaging campaigns that resonated with individual health aspirations while epitomizing Omada's holistic health solutions. The endeavor was centered around creating a compelling narrative that not only heightened awareness but fostered a deeper, value-driven engagement between Omada and its members, enhancing their health journey through tailored solutions for Diabetes, Hypertension, MSK (Physical Therapy), and Weight Loss.


Strategy Lead

The B2C health domain is as diverse as the individuals it serves. The narrative needed to echo the unique health goals of individuals while reflecting Omada's holistic solutions for Diabetes, Hypertension, MSK (Physical Therapy), and Weight Loss. The challenge was not merely about creating awareness but about crafting a resonant narrative that leads to meaningful engagement and a sustained relationship between Omada and its members.

The Challenge

A series of exploratory tests unveiled a potent message: bold, value-based messaging resonated. This insight served as the cornerstone for an integrated campaign strategy, designed to echo the individual benefits of Omada’s diverse solutions while fortifying the overarching Omada brand ethos. The narrative was no longer about mere awareness; it was about cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation of Omada's value in the members’ health journey.

The Solution

The strategy anchored on an email-first approach, making each email communication a personalized narrative. The emails were more than just messages; they were tailored conversations, addressing the unique health goals of each member, guiding them towards the wealth of resources and support Omada offers. This personalized narrative approach extended to direct mail and employer-specific materials, each touchpoint a step towards nurturing a meaningful relationship.

Value-Driven Messaging at the Forefront

The campaigns were crafted to reflect the spectrum of health solutions Omada offers. Each campaign was a narrative in itself, delving into the nuances of Diabetes, Hypertension, MSK, and Weight Loss solutions. The narrative synergy across campaigns painted a holistic picture, each campaign a chapter in Omada's story of empowering individuals to take charge of their health, with Omada as a reliable companion.

Dynamic Campaigns: A Spectrum of Health Solutions

Post-campaign analysis was more than just a numbers game; it was about understanding the narrative's impact on engagement. The insights garnered from analyzing member engagement helped refine the messaging, making each campaign an iterative step towards a more resonant and effective narrative. The growth journey was not merely about reaching out; it was about evolving a narrative that continues to resonate, engage, and foster a thriving community of health-empowered individuals under Omada’s nurturing umbrella.

Analyzing Engagement: Refining the Narrative