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Kenzie Barden

Design  + Research + Strategy

Tire Tutor Usability Study

This case study encapsulates the journey and methodologies employed in transforming the usability of TireTutor, an e-commerce site aimed at simplifying the tire buying process. Through moderated, remote usability testing, we identified critical usability issues that hindered user engagement and provided actionable recommendations. This process not only improved the user interface but also significantly enhanced user satisfaction and business outcomes for TireTutor.


Usability Research Lead

TireTutor faced challenges in user engagement due to usability issues on their mobile platform. Users experienced difficulties in navigating the site, finding specific tire information, and completing purchases, which led to a decreased conversion rate and user satisfaction.

The Challenge

By conducting a thorough usability study and implementing targeted improvements based on user feedback and heuristic evaluations, we addressed the core issues affecting the user experience. This led to an optimized interface that supported easier navigation, better information accessibility, and a streamlined buying process.

The Solution

Our team utilized moderated, remote usability tests via UserZoom, engaging participants across diverse demographics using their mobile devices. This approach allowed us to gather both quantitative and qualitative data on user interactions, identify navigation errors, and measure the overall usability of the site.

Research Methodology

The usability tests revealed significant issues such as unclear icons, poor visual hierarchy, and a cumbersome checkout process. Participants expressed frustration with finding specific brands and completing purchases, indicating a gap between user expectations and the site’s functionality.

Key Insights and Findings

Post-analysis, we redesigned the user interface to improve visual hierarchy, clarified iconography, and streamlined the checkout process. These changes resulted in improved user satisfaction scores, increased brand recognition, and higher engagement rates, ultimately boosting TireTutor’s market presence and sales performance.

Strategic Implementations and Outcomes